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The Trinity College Alumni Association (TCAA) is the officially recognized representative organization for past students of Trinity College (Moka). Its predecessor, the Trinity Old Boys Association (TOBA) was established in 1978 by  alumni ,Stanley Mc Millan, Toni Jagan and Ron Iton . It was subsequently renamed  TCAA in recognition of the fact that female students have been attending the College since 1987. TOBA /TCAA has been ably led by several capable presidents during  its 36  year  history. These include Norris Campbell and Guy Hannays, both of whom were inducted into the Trinity College Alumni Association Hall of Fame on April 10th 2014.

The TCAA is an essential stakeholder in the wider Trinity College community and is committed to the holistic development and progress of the institution.  To this end, it has provided in the past, financial, technical and other assistance to various activities of Trinity College, including football and cricket.  The TCAA also exists to stimulate positive interaction among Trinity College alumni especially through events such as the annual Boxing Day Lime.

The TCAA’s vision is to be the catalyst for excellence at Trinity College (Moka).  Its mission is to engage and mobilize the College community to make the College the premiere educational institution

and to foster camaraderie and networking among alumni.

In pursuing this vision, the TCAA holds fast to the core values                                  of integrity, excellence, courage, courtesy and fun.

Over the past five years, the TCAA has maintained and supported several fundraising events including the Annual Family Day Brunch, Pankaimedy concerts and a Walkathon. The TCAA also sponsors an annual Alumni Boxing Day Lime.

In the long-term, the TCAA aims to partner with the College in the construction, maintenance anddevelopment  of the physical plant and equipment, infrastructure, facilities and amenities at the College with the goal of facilitating the highest standards in education and sports.  To this end, the TCAA recently outfitted an improved computer lab at the College and is currently evaluating further enhancements to the sports pavilion on the school’s playing field.

The Executive of the TCAA urges all Trinity College alumni to join the TCAA and make a positive .contribution to the future development of your college.

You can become a member of TCAA by applying through our website at   www.trinitymokaalumni.com or send us an email at trinitymokaalumni@gmail.com

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