Mr Michael G. Clark

Michael G. Clark
Mr Michael G. Clark

Mr Michael G. Clark served as a contract officer at Trinity College from April 1st 1963 to June of 1970 during which time he taught Mathematics. He was the Organist at the school and is credited with starting the annual joint carol service with Bishop Anstey High School.

In 1967 Mr. Clark was made Housemaster of School House. In 1970 he moved to Antigua and served as Principal of a private school there. In 1971 he returned to Trinity as a regular member of the teaching staff and taught Mathematics. He also resumed Housemaster duties but this time, of Rawle House.

He spent his final years at Trinity as form teacher of form six Science. In October 1997, he retired from Trinity at age 60 but still plays the organ at the school’s annual carol service.

The Trinity College Alumni Association recognises Mr Michael G. Clark for his thirty-three years of dedicated service as an educator at Trinity College.