Mr M.W. G. Gordon

M.W.G. Gordon
Mr M.W.G. Gordon

In 1867, Mr. M. W. G. Gordon, a seventeen-year-old Scotsman, arrived in Trinidad to take up a position with the Colonial Bank, a predecessor of Barclays Bank Limited. Five years later, Mr. Gordon left the Bank and ventured into the world of Commerce. He founded one of Trinidad and Tobago’s oldest and largest business houses, the firm of Gordon Grant and Company Limited.

Mr. Gordon is as important to Trinity College as any of its illustrious teachers or its accomplished students. He bequeathed 22 acres of land at Moka to the Anglican Church for the construction of a building. This bequest facilitated the move of Trinity College from Melbourne Street, Port of Spain to the beautiful and serene environment of Moka, Maraval.

Trinity College Alumni Association recognises Mr.M.W.G. Gordon posthumously for his philanthropy.