Mr Hugh Spicer

Hugh Spicer
Mr Hugh Spicer

Mr. Hugh Spicer holds a Bachelors degree in English, Spanish and French as well as a Diploma in Education from the University of the West Indies. He joined the staff at Trinity College in 1958 at Melbourne Street and stayed until retirement in 1994.

At Trinity College, Mr. Spicer was well loved and greatly respected by all students but also feared by those who broke the rules. Mr. Spicer wore many hats at the school. He was Vice Principal, House Master and Dean of Discipline. He had a commanding presence. When he spoke he had everyone‘s attention and was always clearly understood.

He taught Spanish to forms one and two and English Literature to forms five and six. He was an ardent bridge player and encouraged boys to enjoy the game.

The Trinity College Alumni Association recognises Mr. Hugh Spicer for his dedicated service and his sterling contribution to student discipline at Trinity College for 36 years.