Ms Charlene Ogle

Charlene Ogle
Ms Charlene Ogle

Ms Charlene Ogle joined the staff at Trinity College in 1958 and retired in 1995. She holds a Bachelors degree in English, History and Latin from the University of the West Indies and taught English Language and English Literature at Trinity from forms one to six. Consequently, every boy who attended Trinity College during her tenure benefitted from her vast experience.

Miss Ogle was an exceptional teacher, very knowledgeable of her subject matter and always able to express and present it in a most interesting manner. Her students revered her and to this day, if complimented about their linguistic ability they would fondly say, “I was taught by the best, Charlene Ogle”. She was very patient and nurturing to her students, never expressing anger or frustration in response to the trials of teaching a host of miserable boys.

She was a positive role model in her speech, her deportment and her attitude and was loved and admired by all her students.

She had many sporting interests while at University and was an ardent Bridge player.

The Trinity College Alumni Association recognises Charlene Ogle for 37 years of dedicated, professional service to Trinity College.