Professor Dr Everard Barton


Professor Everard Barton, MD was born in Tobago and attended the Bon Accord Primary School. He moved to Belmont, Trinidad and attended Trinity College from 1960 to 1967 studying Latin, Spanish and English. On leaving Trinity College, Professor Barton decided to pursue a career in medicine and switched academic focus to Natural Sciences.

In 1971, he enrolled in the Faculty of Natural Sciences where, in 1974, he earned a B.Sc.(Hons). In 1975, he was accepted at the College of Medicine, the University of Ibadan in Nigeria to study medicine. He graduated with his MBBS in 1980. After a brief stint in the USA, he returned to Trinidad where he worked at the POSGH. In 1989, he enrolled at the Faculty of Medical Sciences, the University of the West Indies, Jamaica where he earned his Doctor of Medicine degree. In 1992 he studied at the Department of Medicine, Renal Unit, Nottingham City Hospital, Nottingham, England.

Professor Barton elected to focus on alleviating the scourge of HIV and has become a leading researcher in the field. He has also been influential in the operation of the Kidney Society Foundation in Jamaica.

Professor Barton is the Editor-in-chief of the West Indian Medical Journal. He has published extensively and has over 200 publications to his credit.

Professor Barton’s current assignments include:

  1. Emeritus Professor of Medicine and Nephrology, University of The West Indies
  2. Deputy Provost and Dean of Medical Sciences, International Postgraduate College
  3. Director of Center for HIV/AIDS, Research, Education and Social Services
  1. Founder and Director, Caribbean Institute of Nephrology, University of The West Indies
  2. Founder and Director, Caribbean Renal Registry
  3. Editor-In-Chief, West Indian Medical Journal
  4. Chief of Nephrology, University Hospital of The West Indies,Jamaica

Professor Barton’s awards and honours include:

●  DeputyProvostandDeanofMedicalSciencesofthe International Postgraduate College, 2016

●  FellowoftheInternationalPostgraduateCollege,2015

●  EmeritusProfessorofMedicineandNephrology,Universityof the West Indies, 2014

●  TheSirPhilipSherlockDistinguishedAwardforResearchand Services to Medicine and Nephrology, 2014

●  OrderofDistinction,JamaicanGovernment,2011

●  FirstCaribbeanBankUnsungHeroAward,Jamaica,2010

●  IncludedinMarquisWHO’sWHOintheWorld,Millennium Edition, 2000.

●  Outstandingpeopleofthe20thCenturyAwardforContribution to Medicine, Research, Education, Public Service, 2000, Cambridge.

●  University Hospital of the West Indies Award for 10 years dedicated service, 2000

●  PeopletoPeople(International)AmbassadorProgramAward presented “In recognition of the special contribution to International Understanding and Friendship”, 1998.

●  HonoraryConsultantNephrologist,KingstonPublicHospital, Jamaica, 1997

●  RenalSupportFoundationAwardforRenalCareinJamaica, 1997

●  CommonwealthMedicalFellowshipAwardofNephrology, 1993-1994.

Professor Barton is described in the book “Clinical Dialogues in Hospital Medicine: A True Representation of Classic Ward Round Proceedings” by Gabriel Ukala as: “a most outstanding, internationally-acclaimed, compassionate and highly-respected Professor of Medicine and Nephrology: always quietly encouraging and seeking to elevate anyone who dares to be extraordinary.”

The Trinity College Alumni Association acknowledges Professor Dr Everard Barton for his contribution to medical research and education and proudly admits him to its Hall of Fame