Pastor Clive P Dottin

Pastor Clive Dottin
Pastor Clive Dottin

Pastor Clive P Dottin attended Trinity from 1962 to 1968. He also served as a laboratory technician for one year at Trinity after O levels. Pastor Dottin holds a Diploma in Elementary Teacher Training (E.T.T.), a Bachelor’s degree in theology (B.Th.) from Caribbean Union College, and a Master’s degree in Public Health (M.P.H.) from Loma Linda University.

Mr Dottin is a highly-respected academic who is well published. His publications include “ Horizon”, which contains programmes for youth societies; “Bell”, which focuses on religious freedom, and “Angels on Fire”, which contains sermons for Pathfinder Evangelists. Since 2002, he has been writing for the Trinidad Guardian, recommending possible solutions to current social problems.

He is now an S.D.A Minister who has served in this church as an Associate Youth Director, Youth Director, Communication Director, Religious Liberty Director and Church Ministries Director.

Pastor Dottin has founded many initiatives geared toward alleviating various scourges in society. These include: “Friends Forever”, a ministry for drug addicts and depressed youth; “Heart to Heart”, a ministry for AIDS patients and abused children; “EFFORT”, a ministry for the unemployed and self-employed, which has organised small business expositions; “Teene-Freene”, a ministry for teenagers; “Courage Unlimited Please”(CUP), a ministry for victims of crime and violence; and “Dream Team”, a ministry for students.

In recognition of his enormous contributions to society, Pastor Dottin has received awards from several organisations, including the International Religious Liberty Associations, the Hindu Nidhi Foundation and Alcoholics Anonymous. He has touched the lives of over 65,000 students in 144 schools and he has led over 5,000 persons to Christ. He continues to provide selfless service to church and community. In 2006, he was appointed Coordinator of the Heart

Touch Ministries in the Loveuntil Foundation, a program designed to minister to youth in crisis in the Laventille area. In 2007, he was appointed by the President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago to be a member of the Police Service Commission.

Pastor Dottin was awarded the honorary degree, Doctor of Letters (D.Litt.) honoris causa at the 2009 graduation of the University of the Southern Caribbean for his outstanding work in the areas of community service and the rescue of youth in crisis.

In 2007, Pastor Dottin was requested by CNC3 to design a television programme to address social issues in the society. This served as the soil for the germination of “People Can Change” which he produced and hosted. Also in 2008, he was appointed Chairperson of the Readi Centre in Matura, a sanctuary and rehabilitation centre for drug addicts, which was opened in 2009, the same year he was selected to be the chairperson of the newly formed Life Choices Media Ministries, which was created to help youth make positive choices and to promote the concept of sexual purity.

In 2014, Pastor Clive Dottin was awarded the Chaconia Medal – Silver in the spheres of Religion, Education and Community Service

The Trinity College Alumni Association acknowledges Pastor Clive P. Dottin, Hon DLitt for his contributions in Religion, Education and Community Service and proudly admits him to its Hall of Fame.