John T, Chang

John Chang

Mr John T. Chang attended Trinity College from 1958 to 1965. He was a pioneer and was among the first batch of students admitted to the newly established college. Mr Chang was one of the first students at the College to receive a Grade One Cambridge University GCE certificate. He was a well-rounded student who also participated in football, cricket and athletics, but his greatest contributions occurred in lawn tennis and chess. He was the captain of both these teams.

Mr Chang was the first appointed Head Boy of the college.

After graduating, Mr Chang planned to attend The University of the West Indies and was accepted at both St Augustine and Mona campuses. However, a little-known company at the time offered Mr Chang a job. This company was IBM and Mr Chang was introduced to the newly-developing field of Computing. His only exposure to computers at the time were discussions with his sixth form mathematics teacher, Mr John Osborne. Within three years, Mr Chang was awarded IBM’s highest service award and a year later was made the manager of the Service Department at the age of 22. He subsequently moved through the Systems Engineering and Marketing departments and received more than seven Excellence awards in the respective fields.

In keeping with his pioneering spirit, Mr Chang was entrusted by IBM with the introduction of new ways of doing business, through the establishment of a Systems and Marketing Support Department and through the utilization of Product Centres and Seminars

Finally, as IBM entered the Personal Computer market, Mr Chang had the esteemed privilege to appoint and manage independent PC dealers throughout the Eastern Caribbean.

After retiring from IBM, Mr Chang owned and operated Wok’s Barbecue Kitchen. He later re-entered the technology field, heading up, a telecommunications startup that was the driving force for the first telemarketing company in the Caribbean.

Mr Chang continues to consult in the area of ICT and Business.

The Trinity College Alumni Association acknowledges Mr John Chang for his pioneering spirit and for his achievements in the fields of technology and business and proudly admits him to its Hall of Fame.