Mr George Newton

Mr George Newton
Mr George Newton

Mr George Newton attended Trinity College from 1970 to 1975. He was a keen footballer and represented the College in the sport at all levels.

After leaving Trinity College, Mr Newton worked at the National Insurance Board and later at the Ministry of Works and Transport, Licensing Division. In both organisations, Mr Newton held senior management positions.

Mr Newton is a founding member of the “Trinity College Together Brothers”, an organisation formed in the late 70s as an association of the Trinity College’s Class of 1970. The primary focus of the Organisation was to keep alive the common interest of its members in football activities. Trinity College Together Brothers, led by Mr Newton, provided a forum where classmates came together every Saturday afternoon to engage in healthy sporting activity and fellowship.

The Trinity College Together Brothers have evolved into a place of retreat for boys, girls and young men-at-risk, living in high-crime communities in Port of Spain. Every Saturday, these young persons find their way to the Savannah for a few hours to engage in healthy sporting activities and fellowship among their peers under the supervision of the Trinity College Class of ’70 elders. They also benefit from the mentorship and guidance of these elders.

The availability of this retreat to these young persons has kept many of them on the straight and narrow path and has motivated some toward a better future.
Mr Newton is a natural leader. Through his power of perseverance, he has sustained the Trinity College Together Brothers organisation for over 37 years and has overseen its evolution into the progressive, impactful entity it has become today.

Mr Newton has stood out as a Trinity College alumnus who has had a tremendous impact in contributing to social stability.

He has always demonstrated an interest in developing and improving football at the College and over the years has been a member of football management committees striving to do so.

The Trinity College Alumni Association is proud to admit Mr George Newton into its Hall of Fame for his work in the mentorship of young persons and for his contribution to the College’s football program.