Brian Charles Moore

Mr Brian C. Moore
Mr Brian C. Moore

Mr Brian Moore attended Trinity College from 1964 to 1971. After graduating, Mr Moore emigrated to Canada and studied at Concordia University from which he obtained a Bachelor of Commerce degree in 1978 and a Diploma in Business Administration in 1979. In 2007 he obtained his MSc. in public sector policy development and management from the University of the West Indies.

In 1980, on his return to Trinidad after working and studying abroad, Mr Moore was hired to assist in the establishment of a National Bureau of Standards. He worked at the Bureau from December 1980 to his retirement in 2013. Along with its first Director, Dr Michael Lines, Mr Moore was instrumental in taking the organisation from a one-room, five-person operation to an internationally-recognised institution of 250 persons, preparing the country for the demands of international trade. As The Corporate Secretary and Head of Administration, Mr Moore was responsible for setting up the Corporate Services departments and most of the technical divisions. He was able to do this most successfully because of the advanced training he received in the management of technical institutions at internationally acclaimed schools such as the Administrative Services College of India and the Singapore Institute of Standards and Industrial Research.

In 1983, Mr Moore joined the Co-operative Credit Union sector. By 1988, he became President of the Public Services Credit Union (PSCU), a position he held for an aggregate of approximately ten years. During that period he improved that Credit Union from a $50 million operation to a $100 million operation. As a result of his reputation, The Diego Martin Credit Union invited him to become a member. He soon became the President of that Credit Union and positively steered its fortunes. Mr Moore was the only person to hold the presidency of two Credit Unions simultaneously. However, his greatest achievement in this sector was his ascension to the

presidency of the Credit Union League of Trinidad and Tobago in 2006, when that body was in disarray and no one wanted the responsibility of leading it. Mr Moore accepted the task and in three years, returned respectability to the League. During his tenure, he was successful in retrieving for Credit Unions $750 million that they had invested in CLICO. This was accomplished through tough negotiations with the Government of the day. Additionally, he was successful in stopping attempts by successive governments to introduce legislation that would have led to the demise of Credit Unions as we know them.

Mr Moore, fondly known as “Mr Credit Union”, was the longest serving President of the Credit Union League; he also served as Vice President of Eastern Credit Union.

In 2013, Mr Moore was elected Vice President of the Trinity College Alumni Association(TCAA). He set about working with the Executive to breathe new life and meaning into the TCAA. His first major project was the establishment of the Trinity College “Hall of Fame”, now in its third iteration. At the TCAA Annual General Meeting of 2014, Mr Moore was elected President and set about to enhance and expand the profile and relevance of the Association. His achievements so far are evident in the growth of the Association and in the leadership he has provided. Mr Moore was able to gain representation for the TCAA on Trinity College Board of Governors and in so doing has been able to make positive interventions regarding the governance of the Alma Mater

The Trinity College Alumni Association acknowledges Mr Moore for his contributions in the establishment of the Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards, in the development and management of credit unions and to the growth of the TCAA and proudly admits him to its Hall of Fame.