The Venerable Michael Brotherton

The Venerable Michael Brotherton
The Venerable Michael Brotherton

The Venerable Michael Brotherton served as Chaplain of Trinity College from 1965 to 1969. He was ordained at St John’s College, Cambridge and holds a post-graduate certificate in Education from that institution. At Trinity, he taught Religious Instructions up to form 5 and Latin and English to forms 1 to 3…

Michael Brotherton came to Trinidad from England to be the Chaplain at Trinity College at the request of the Principal, Peter Helps. As the College’s Chaplain, he conducted prayer at the morning assembly and a weekly mass for students wishing to attend. Throughout his time at the College, he also served as a counselor to all students and mentor to many.

The Venerable Michael Brotherton was a humorous, light-tempered person who only lost his cool when he heard someone swear. On such an occasion his yell would be so reverberating that one swore the vengeance of Moko had fallen on the individual.

Father Brotherton was also the College’s social worker. In his second year at Trinity College, one of the students who belonged to another faith and whom he visited at home, became seriously ill. The Boy’s parents requested that their son be baptized into the Christian faith, which Father Michael Brotherton did. The Boy subsequently died and Father Brotherton conducted the funeral service at St. Michael’s Church in Diego Martin.
The Bishop of Trinidad and Tobago requested Father Brotherton to become the parish Priest for the Diego Martin Diocese when he left Trinity College. He accepted and under his stewardship, a new St.Michael’s Church and Parish Hall were constructed on Diamond Boulevard in Diego Martin. Father Brotherton served the people of his Parish with verve and enthusiasm and many expressed their appreciation for the good job he did.
Father Brotherton met boys from all walks of life at Trinity College. They encompassed all races and all social classes and he has indicated that it was wonderful to see the harmony that existed among them and is proud to have been part of that experience.
The Trinity College Alumni Association acknowledges the contributions of the Venerable Michael Brotherton as a Teacher and Chaplain at Trinity College and for his pastoral service to the Diego Martin community and readily admits him into its Hall of Fame.