Ms Delia Cherrie

Delia Cherrie
Ms Delia Cherrie

Delia Cherrie came to Trinity College in 1970 and gave 29 years of unbroken dedicated teaching service to the College. This tenure is matched by few teachers in the history of Trinity College.

The impact of Ms Cherrie’s contribution as a French language teacher is manifested by the fact that no fewer than 8 of her former students eventually specialized in the French language as professionals in the spheres of Education, International Relations and International Business.

Delia Cherrie distinguished herself from other language teachers principally by her uncommon ability to work with, inspire and get results from students challenged by difficult circumstances. She was able to motivate students who were dealing with emotional domestic issues, students with financial difficulties and even those who suffered low self-esteem.

On a purely pedagogic note, Delia Cherrie was a pioneer in the art of teaching foreign languages by way of exposing the student to native speaker experiences as well as the practice of freestyle conversation known today as the “Communicative Approach”.

Ms. Cheerie’s contribution has had the lasting impact of maintaining and bettering the standard for foreign language teaching at Trinity College. Her contribution has also helped to establish the College as a premier secondary school noted for excellence in the teaching of French.

The Trinity College Alumni Association acknowledges Delia Cheerie as an elite Educator who has set the standard for the teaching of the French language at Trinity College and readily admits her into its the Hall of Fame.