Mr Brian Bowen

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Mr Brian Bowen
Mr Brian Bowen was considered to be one of the country's most 
successful boat designers and one of the most reputable boat 
builders in the Caribbean.

Brian was interested in boat building from an early age and while 
attending Trinity College, he would spend his spare time in the 
old 'salts' at Sea Lots, which was the center of the local boat 
building community. 

At the age of 14, Principal Helps commissioned Brian to build him a boat. 
The end result was an expertly crafted vessel which set Brian on his way to becoming 
the foremost boat builder in the region.

Brian moved from wood structures to incorporating fibreglass into his designs and 
built "Mr Solo" for entry into the first Great Race to Tobago. Bowen-built boats hold
the distinction of having won 13 of the annual Great Races to Tobago. Bowen exported 
his completed boats to Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Grenada, Bahamas and Australia.

Brian also created history by participating in his locally built pirogue in the World 
Championships in Florida in November 1983.

The Trinity College Alumni Association acknowledges the creativity, courage and 
productivity of Brian Bowen in the field of boat building and admits him into its 
Hall of Fame, posthumously.